The author’s life ~ Talks in towns … or, it could snow

The forecast was for Kewaunee and nearby towns on Lake Michigan to be "walloped" night before last. We were. Sideways snow, wind roaring past our upstairs windows. A proper Wisconsin snowstorm. And within several hours, I was to spend a pleasant evening talking to a group and signing books in Algoma. That program was… Continue reading The author’s life ~ Talks in towns … or, it could snow

Saloons in the 1870s Old West ~ And an update: Books and Talks!

Patrick’s Saloon in the historical novel Cat’s Cafe, Eagle Rock Trilogy Book One, wasn't the highly polished, rich mahogany, mirrored saloon depicted in film and television westerns -- at least not in the beginning. Western towns in the 1860s and '70s were thrown up faster than they could be properly built. Only a few buildings… Continue reading Saloons in the 1870s Old West ~ And an update: Books and Talks!

Cat’s Cafe — In stores now!

It's official! Friesen Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble (more limited) are now accepting orders for Cat's Cafe, Eagle Rock Trilogy Book One. Paperback and hardcover orders will be fulfilled as soon as the publisher delivers the first orders to warehouses, and digital copies are available NOW! Here's how to get yours. Important note (smiling!)… Continue reading Cat’s Cafe — In stores now!

2023 “IRL” and Virtual Presentations

Ralls is scheduling "In real life" presentations in south central Wisconsin and central Illinois, as well as virtual presentations via Zoom that can be tailored to your group's meeting schedule. All in-person meetings will include time for book signing as well. Contact Ralls to discuss fees and schedules at Presentation list, author information Cat's… Continue reading 2023 “IRL” and Virtual Presentations

Cat’s Cafe Review in Illinois Times

Photo of landscape south of Idaho Falls taken in 2021 by Ralls Melotte somewhat similar to what it might have looked like in 1879 but without the barbed wire fence. Photo of early combined bank, dry goods store and post office in Eagle Rock, now Idaho Falls, probably around the mid 1880s. Courtesy of the… Continue reading Cat’s Cafe Review in Illinois Times

Cat’s Cafe, Ch. 20

This photo can be found in the current issue, dated December 16, 2022, of in an article explaining the significance of Samuel Morse's invention of the telegraph. He was issued a patent in 1840 for his original design which looks quite different from the one shown below that was probably in use by the… Continue reading Cat’s Cafe, Ch. 20

The first reviews are in!

It takes weeks to get even a paid review. But my first two are finally in and they're good. Interestingly, they don't actually fully agree. One dinged me on the dialect and footnotes, the other really liked it. Until I can actually contractually release the reviews, here are some snippets from each. "... depicts historical… Continue reading The first reviews are in!

Cat’s Cafe, Characters

My brother Rod just finished my book and said he really liked it, but would like it even more if he could look at a "cast of characters" while he was reading. This is for you, Rod! A little late, but better than never. Listed in order of appearance*indicates a true historical individual Edgar Potts… Continue reading Cat’s Cafe, Characters

Books in hand!

After years of research, writing, editing and preparation MY BOOKS HAVE ARRIVED!  Early release paperback and hardcover copies (printed prior to receiving the professional reviews) of my historical fiction novel Cat’s Café are available now; hardcover copies, paperbacks and digital copies should be available at bookstores and Amazon after Christmas. I am so happy!  So,… Continue reading Books in hand!