Cat’s Cafe — In stores now!

It’s official! Friesen Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble (more limited) are now accepting orders for Cat’s Cafe, Eagle Rock Trilogy Book One. Paperback and hardcover orders will be fulfilled as soon as the publisher delivers the first orders to warehouses, and digital copies are available NOW! Here’s how to get yours.

Important note (smiling!) — It’s possible a different title would have made this easier during these early days. I must have been hiding out in my ivory tower while “Cat’s Cafe” became such a feline thing. So, online, save yourself quite a bit of time and search either Cat’s Cafe, Eagle Rock Trilogy; or Cat’s Cafe, Ralls Melotte.

  • Friesen Press, book price is lower, shipping is an additional charge
  • Barnes & Noble, digital version not available yet, also no book cover or description yet
  • Amazon, shipping included with Prime membership. The Kindle version is $6.99.
  • Friesen’s site also lists digital copies as available from Apple Books, Google Play, Kobo Store.
  • And, I still have a few autographed pre-review copies left for the lowest print price, but they’re going fast. E-mail I am such a print person that I expected most of my copies would sell as paperbacks, with hardcovers selling to friends and historical fiction collectors. It turns out the best value by far is the digital version ~ lowest price for book buyers, best royalty for me. Live and learn!

Meanwhile, I am taking to the road!

When I’m not filling out forms from the publisher, mailing books to readers, explaining how to use push-fit plumbing connections at Menards (!), gathering receipts for my taxes, and managing my media, I’m out and about making presentations again!

I truly loved this part of my professional life and I’m delighted to be sharing some my favorite slide shows again (digitized at last.)

For a list of available presentation topics and locations, take a look here.

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