Four Women Who Tamed the Wild West

Welcome to Eagle Rock, Idaho Territory, 1870s

Determination and ingenuity brought irrigation to the desert, education and Christianity to pioneer families and Native American children in a Mormon enclave, women’s suffrage to the West, and civilization to the small town of Eagle Rock where four remarkable women, based on real life late 19th-century women, lived.

Catherine Callaway, Fannie Smiles, Rebecca Mitchell and a woman I call Crow Feather become the unlikeliest of friends when “Cat’s” husband goes missing. Here is a look at life the way they would have known it in the Idaho Territory.

Note: This was my very first post; since then Cat’s Cafe has been published and is available here, at Friesen Press, and on Amazon.

Thanks to Levi Hastings for the wagon wheel art, and Kevin Doberstein for “Moon Glow Crossing.”

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