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My brother Rod just finished my book and said he really liked it, but would like it even more if he could look at a “cast of characters” while he was reading. This is for you, Rod! A little late, but better than never.

Listed in order of appearance
*indicates a true historical individual

Edgar Potts — Owner of Potts Establishment for Fine Spirits, also known as Potts Saloon

Luther Arnold Armstrong —  Mayor of Eagle Rock and partner of the Union Pacific’s Utah &                         Northern Railroad
Cloyd  — Henchman for Luther Armstrong
Billy —  Younger brother of Cloyd
Patrick Callaway —  Owner of Patrick’s Saloon, husband of Catherine Callaway
Sheriff Zane Gunther —  Sheriff of Eagle Rock
Ben Clancy —  Patriarch of Clancy clan
Henry Willett —  Contractor and close friend of Catherine Callaway
Fannie Smiles — Barmaid at Potts Saloon & later Patrick’s Saloon
Ellington Harper, Jr. —  Owner of local newspaper
Sandy Turner —  Barmaid at Potts Saloon; later barmaid at Patrick’s Saloon and cook’s assistantCarl Clancy, Jr. —  Youngest son of Ben Clancy, Fannie’s current lover
Jeremiah, (Slink), (Jay) —  Son of Crow Feather, local member of Shoshone tribe
Smiley Jack —  Town Drunk
Doc Jones —  Local alcoholic Doctor
Crow Feather —  Catherine’s cook, mother of Jeremiah and member of Shoshone tribe
John W. Young*  — One of Brigham Young’s sons and early builder of the Mormon owned Utah                   Northern Railroad prior to Union Pacific’s hostel takeover

Brigham Young, Sr.*  — Leader of early Mormon Church after death of Joseph Smith

Jake Edwards —  Eagle Rock Depot Manager of Utah and Northern RR & secret partner with Luther             Armstrong

Bear Claw —  Native American wrangler for Luther Armstrong
Jason (Jay) Gould*  — Primary owner of the Union Pacific Railroad
Samuel Armstrong —  Formerly Soren Pederson, great-grandfather of Luther ArmstrongArnold Roger Armstrong —  Father of Luther Armstrong, New York banker and financier
Joseph Richardson*  — Financial speculator for steel and rail barons
Joseph Smith*  — Author of the Book of Mormon and first leader of the Mormon Church

Benjamin Richardson*  — Financial speculator and Union Pacific partner with Jay Gould

Sidney Dillon*  — Union Pacific partner with Jay Gould
 S. H. Clark  — Representative of Union Pacific’s interest in Utah Northern Railroad acquisition

Robert Anderson*  — One of the founders of Eagle Rock, first postmaster, first chairman of the village          board, first banker and owner of first dry-goods store

Dick Chamberlain*  — Early resident and entrepreneur in Eagle Rock
James Madison (Matt) Taylor*  – Builder of first bridge across the Snake River at the future                             location of Eagle Rock and one of the founders of Eagle Rock

Rachael —  Live-in maid of Luther Armstrong
Shorty Smith — Owner of the Eagle Rock livery stables
Dexter Highsmith —  Owner of the Eagle Rock Hotel
Jasper Lightworth  — Owner of an early brothel in Eagle Rock
Bella  — Flirtatious “working girl” working for Jasper Lightworth
Rebecca Mitchell*  — Founder of the first Sunday school, private school, Baptist church and library in          Eagle Rock
John —  Night watchman for Robert Anderson
Odin Borgerson —  Bullwhacker
Elizabeth Marie Stubin —  Catherine’s mother, died during childbirth
Janette Elizabeth Brookfield Stubin —  Catherine’s step-mother
Beth*  — Rebecca Mitchell’s daughter
Herman Joseph Berghoff*  — Left Prussia at age 17 to become a cowboy in Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild              West Show, rail-worker and eventual owner of the Berghoff restaurant  in Chicago

Mary Jo Stubin —  Elder daughter of Janette Stubin
Fred Dubois*  — Close childhood friend of Todd Lincoln, U.S. Idaho Territory Marshal and later                  became first Idaho U.S. Senator
Richard “Beaver Dick” Leigh*  — Englishman fur trapper with the Hudson Bay Co. and first white                                                                     settler of the Eagle Rock area in 1858
Dixie Trix — Barmaid at Patrick’s Saloon
Allen Brown —  One of Sheriff’s Zane’s many deputies
Trish — Young, unwed partner of Henry Willett in their youth
Thomas Edmund Chambers —  Early marriage prospect of young Catherine Stubin prior to her                      marriage to Patrick Callaway

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