Cowboy cooking, chuckwagon style

Photo from Chip Schweiger's Cowboy Lifestyle, used with permission Carl Clancy in the upcoming historical fiction Cat's Cafe lived in the family chuck wagon in the hills above Eagle Rock. He became quite a good cook for himself, and for the seductive Fannie Smiles. Carl Clancy in Cat’s Café grew up as the youngest member… Continue reading Cowboy cooking, chuckwagon style

Pioneer Food, part one

Image by Jose Antonio Alba from Pixabay Corn+Bread=Sturdy, satisfying survival food Contemporary cookbooks offer all sorts of entertaining and delicious sounding recipes for early American cooking, cowboy cooking, and pioneer cooking. But cooking in the late-1800s American West was really all about survival, not taste and variety. According to Richard Erodos in Saloons of the… Continue reading Pioneer Food, part one