Art and the architect

Happily for me, past and present are meeting these days. My newly published AND REVIEWED Cat’s Cafe has me on the road sharing my passion for historical fiction, and people are again inviting me to make presentations on significant projects from my architecture career. Both occurred in Springfield last month when Justin Blandford, pictured here, invited me to speak to the staff of the Dana-Thomas House about my firm’s restoration of the world-class Frank Lloyd Wright windows and art glass in the home.

I’m planning a similar marketing stop and presentation early in 2023 featuring the history and use of glass in Europe, and how different the creative processes and fabrication of glass in this country looked in the early 1900s. I love these topics, describing the amazing work of the artists in our studio, and discussing the many questions from the audience when I’m finished. I always allow extra time!

If you haven’t had a chance to read my latest posts on our publishing progress take a look! The reviews of Cat’s Cafe have been very fun and encouraging.

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