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Cat’s Cafe, reviews and comments

Thank you everyone for the great reviews and comments! “The dramatic center of the story — Catherine finding the inner strength to take on a pile of troubles — is handled with an engaging sense of compassion … A zesty and occasionally touching story of a woman confronting the crude realities of a new life.” … Continue reading Cat’s Cafe, reviews and comments

Racism in America

Chinese laborers at work on construction for the railroad built across the Sierra Nevada Mountains, circa 1870s. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images- History.com In my previous post, I shared some excerpts from a speech given by Brigham Young in 1850. Although some of the comments made in that speech are rightfully considered racist by present day standards,… Continue reading Racism in America

The Mormons, Cat’s Cafe Ch. 5 and 6 notes (edited)

Brigham Young, Sr. Photo courtesy Library of Congress Accuracy, objectivity, and fairness without interpretation in these notes is of supreme importance to me. If something doesn’t look right, please let me know. It’s a challenging subject, to be sure. I’ve noted references below. Brigham Young, Sr. who was often referred to as the “Mormon Moses”… Continue reading The Mormons, Cat’s Cafe Ch. 5 and 6 notes (edited)

Cat’s Cafe, Ch. 5

View of the Mormon Temple in Idaho Falls beyond the Snake River Dam. Numerous Mormon temples can be found in many cities throughout Utah and Idaho as well as almost every state in the Union. Photo taken in 2021 by Ralls Melotte Joseph Smith (Jr.) as a young man. Photo found in the Library of… Continue reading Cat’s Cafe, Ch. 5

Cat’s Cafe Review in Illinois Times

Photo of landscape south of Idaho Falls taken in 2021 by Ralls Melotte somewhat similar to what it might have looked like in 1879 but without the barbed wire fence. Photo of early combined bank, dry goods store and post office in Eagle Rock, now Idaho Falls, probably around the mid 1880s. Courtesy of the… Continue reading Cat’s Cafe Review in Illinois Times

Cat’s Cafe, Ch. 20

This photo can be found in the current issue, dated December 16, 2022, of Socialstudiesforkids.com in an article explaining the significance of Samuel Morse's invention of the telegraph. He was issued a patent in 1840 for his original design which looks quite different from the one shown below that was probably in use by the… Continue reading Cat’s Cafe, Ch. 20

Art and the architect

Happily for me, past and present are meeting these days. My newly published AND REVIEWED Cat's Cafe has me on the road sharing my passion for historical fiction, and people are again inviting me to make presentations on significant projects from my architecture career. Both occurred in Springfield last month when Justin Blandford, pictured here,… Continue reading Art and the architect

The first reviews are in!

It takes weeks to get even a paid review. But my first two are finally in and they're good. Interestingly, they don't actually fully agree. One dinged me on the dialect and footnotes, the other really liked it. Until I can actually contractually release the reviews, here are some snippets from each. "... depicts historical… Continue reading The first reviews are in!

Cat’s Cafe, Characters

My brother Rod just finished my book and said he really liked it, but would like it even more if he could look at a "cast of characters" while he was reading. This is for you, Rod! A little late, but better than never. Listed in order of appearance*indicates a true historical individual Edgar Potts… Continue reading Cat’s Cafe, Characters