Cat’s Cafe

Eagle Rock Trilogy Book One

Catherine Stubin was already looking for a way out of stuffy Louisville, Kentucky when a handsome, charismatic Irishman walked into her family’s Thanksgiving dinner party. She was thrilled at first sight. Alone, desolate, and weary of 1870s aristocracy, it was easy for Catherine to see Patrick Callaway as a gallant rescuer.

He quickly swept her off her feet and onto a night train with promises of grand adventure and new life in the West. Enthralled and excited by an impetuous elopement on the new Transcontinental Railroad, she had no idea what really lay ahead ~~ and never would have expected Patrick to disappear shortly after their arrival in the hardscrabble town of Eagle Rock.

Far from the love story she’d expected, Catherine would have to find her place among boisterous cowboys, territorial ranches, hard-living trail workers, stalwart Native Americans, and Mormon settlers. Calling on all the strength, determination, and ingenuity she could muster, she would either join real-life pioneers and visionaries in shaping the late 19th-century American West, or return to a life she had come to despise.

Steeped in the surprising history of a small Idaho town and the real-life characters who arrived, inhabited, and changed it forever, Cat’s Cafe is the story of leaving a home and finding a life.